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In between sessions of pathfinder
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 Chapter 1 Burnt Offerings

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PostSubject: Chapter 1 Burnt Offerings   Chapter 1 Burnt Offerings Icon_minitimeThu Mar 05, 2015 3:43 pm

Recap soon to come, also list of npcs in sandpoint

It is a special day in Sandpoint, its the Swallow Tail Festival is being held dedicating the new Cathedral, the festival is dedicated the goddess Desna. Through the different entrances the adventurers; Praz and his faithful wolf hopper, Ulvein and Golrak half-orcs from the southeast, and the elven sorcerer Baelfire.

Games are happening in the town the heroes mingle taking their turns at some of the games, they toss "goblin heads" into targets, Praz, Ulvein, and Golrak participate in the lizard races, The druid Praz was in the lead until, Baelfire who was watching cast sleep on his lizard.

Later they competed against the reigning tug of war champions, with their combined strength and a well placed comment by Ulvein they won the contest winning applause and a nice purse.

That evening during Father Zantus's dedication speech, screams were heard through the town as fires erupted and goblins rushed into the town square. Together the PCs fought off two waves of goblin warriors and warchanters. They heard a man screaming and a dog barking and rushed together to find the source.  They came across a goblin commando on his goblin dog and several warriors the came just the commando was slaying a dog guarding a well dressed man.

They defeated the goblins saving the man, he introduced himself as Aldern Foxglove a very grateful nobleman, who wanted to reward the heroes for the efforts telling them to seek him out at the The Rusty Dragon. Experienced adventurer Ameiko Kaijutsu congratulates the hero's on helping save the town and offers them a place to stay at her tavern the Rusty Dragon.

The PCs are all treated as heroes by the townspeople, getting offered discounts at Savah's Armory, Ulvein gets offered a leading role in Cydrak Drokkus' new play. Baelfire is given some bread from Alma Avertin the town baker as she insists he must be starving.

The next day as the townspeople are mourning their dead and cleaning up the mess the goblins created, Father Zantus's discovers the tomb of Father Ezakien Tobyn has bee been disturbed. Sheriff Belor Hemlock finds the heroes drinking and enjoying a meal, in his stern voice he greets them and asks for their help with a delicate matter. He fills them in on their way to the cemetery, next to the cathedral.

They reach the Boneyard and approach the vault, Golrak the mighty half-orc barbarian opens the vault door with ease. He is startled as is the rest of the party as two skeletons lunge out from the crypt. The party rushes in on the skeletons and crushes them quickly. The sorcerers Baelfire and Ulvein discover a robe inside that was once a necromancers item, known as the Robe of Bones used to animate the skeletons. More concerning is the rape of the former priests remains. Praz is able to find some tracks leading over the wall and is able to discern that there were multiple goblins and one set of a medium sized humanoids footprints
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Chapter 1 Burnt Offerings
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